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Data sharing & Opt outs

Update Jun 2021

National Data Opt Out Letter

How is your data used and protected

Most clinical records are now electronic, and this has enabled sharing of information between clinicians.  We enable access to records with Stockport A&E department, and with the out of hours provider (Mastercall) if you need to be seen when we are closed.  We are share clinical records with Viaduct Care (the GP Federation)  clinical staff such as Pharmacists, and GPs and nurses at weekend appointments and for home visits, for pharmacists with the out of hours provider when we are closed, and with the local A&E department.

In Stockport the wider clinical team, such as District Nurses and Community services have access to Stockport Health and Care Record, which is a system allowing them to access certain parts of a patient record to provide care for patients.  Anyone accessing this system should ask for your consent.

Obviously there are strict clinical governance policies to apply, requiring, in most case, that the clinician seeks your verbal consent to view your medical records, but in the interest of patient care most people would want there records to accessible in such circumstances.  Of course it is your choice, and if you do not wish to grant access then you can decline, or you can instruct the practice to apply a code so that no one can access your medical record other than your GP practice.   

Lastly we are obliged to share data with NHS Digital as per the Health and Social Care Act 2012.  Every patient is entitled to opt out of sharing - please see below

National Data Opt Out

NHS Digital have issued a Data Provision Notice for Planning and Research.  This means we are required to share your information with them unless you tell us not to. 

This relates to your health data being extracted for secondary use of data purposes eg analysis, research, planning etc. It is not related to primary, direct care purposes.

If you do not want to share your data for secondary care use purposes you must complete a Type 1 and Type 2 opt out (National Data Opt Out)

Type 1 opt out

This relates to preventing information held on your medical record at the Practice from being shared for research and planning purposes.  To opt out please complete and return the form below before 23rd June 2021.

Type 1 Opt Out form

National Data Opt Out (previously known as Type 2)

This allows you to opt out of any of their confidential data held by other organisations with the NHS being used for research. To complete this online submission click here 

 For more details please read our Keeping Patient Data Safe (National Opt Out) policy

Keeping Patient Data Safe (National Opt Out) policy

Previous out opt form for Care.Data


Opt Out Form - Download, complete and return to the practice


A&E Department at Stepping Hill Hospital


If you needed emergency treatment in the hospital, the doctors and nurses (clinicians) have not had access to your medical record.  This means that the clinicians treating you in A&E will not have access to any of your medical history saved on your GP’s records, such as what medication you are on, or details of any tests you may have had.


From November 2017 clinicians in the A&E department at Stepping Hill will start to use a system that will allow them to have access to your full GP records. This will help clinicians to give you safe and effective treatment that is tailored to your needs and medical history.


 Unless you opt out completely, each time you go to A&E for emergency treatment, you will be asked for your permission for the clinicians to view your medical records.


In an emergency (for example, if you are unconscious or otherwise unable to say yes), the clinicians may still access this information if it is in your best interest and will improve the care they are able to give.


If you would not like your information shared with clinicians in the hospitals, or would like to know more, please speak to a member of practice staff.


Please note, if you decide not to share your data, the hospital staff will not be able to view your GP records, even in an emergency.


A&E Data Sharing Patient Opt Out form

Summary Care Record

Summary Care Record (SCR). It is an electronic record which contains information about the medicines you take, allergies you suffer from and any bad reactions to medicines you have had.

Why do I need a Summary Care Record?

Storing information in one place makes it easier for healthcare staff to treat you in an emergency, or when your GP practice is closed.

This information could make a difference to how a doctor decides to care for you, for example which medicines they choose to prescribe for you.

Who can see it?

Only healthcare staff involved in your care can see your Summary Care Record. 

 How do I know if I have one?

Over half of the population of England now have a Summary Care Record. You can find out whether Summary Care Records have come to your area by looking at our interactive map or by asking your GP

Do I have to have one?

No, it is not compulsory. If you choose to opt out of the scheme, then you will need to complete a form and bring it along to the surgery. You can use the form at the foot of this page.

More Information

For further information visit the NHS Care records website or the HSCIC Website

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Stockport Health Care Record (SHCR) (formerly Stockport Health Record)

Stockport Health Record was a local solution to sharing records between health professionals in Stockport (eg Out of hours services and A&E) before the creation of the Summary Care Record.


Stockport Health Record goals were to:

  •   give the people taking care of you access to the right information at the right time
  •   help NHS staff make better informed decisions about your treatment
  •   only be seen by the doctor caring for you, and with your permission.

In 2014 the Stockport Health Record is being relaunched as the Stockport Health Care Record, aiming to  ensure all health and social care professionals involved in a patients' care have timely access to the right information (the SHCR is different to the SCR as it is only for residents in Stockport)


Your integrated health record includes information like test results, medications, allergies and social care or mental health information relevant to your medical care, and will only be accessed by health and social care professionals involved in your care. They will only have access to information relevant to their input in your care if you have given your consent. Information can only be accessed within a secure NHS network.


Your information will only be viewed at the point of care with your consent, therefore you are in control.


You will be asked for your consent each and every time your care professional wants to access your integrated health record. You can say “Yes” or “No”. You can also contact a member of staff if you change your mind at any point.


You have a choice

If you do not want other health or social care professionals in Stockport to access your records you can 'opt out' (ie you data will NOT be shared with other parts of the NHS) by completing the form below. 


Patient_Information_Sharing_-_(,_SCR,_SHR)_opt_out_form.pdf (this was closed down by the Department of Health in 2016)

Information about you and the care you receive is shared, in a secure system, by healthcare staff to support your treatment and care.

It is important that we, the NHS, can use this information to plan and improve services for all patients. We would like to link information from all the different places where you receive care, such as your GP, hospital and community service, to help us provide a full picture. This will allow us to compare the care you received in one area against the care you received in another, so we can see what has worked best.

Information such as your postcode and NHS number, but not your name, will be used to link your records in a secure system, so your identity is protected. Information which does not reveal your identity can then be used by others, such as researchers and those planning health services, to make sure we provide the best care possible for everyone.

You have a choice. If you are happy for your information to be used in this way you do not have to do anything. If you have any concerns or wish to prevent this from happening, please speak to practice staff or download the opt out form below, complete it and return it to the practice

We need to make sure that you know this is happening and the choices you have.

doc How information about you helps us to provide better care

doc Care Data - Frequently Asked Questions

doc Opt Out Form - Download, complete and return to the practice

You can find out more on the NHS England Care Data website



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